Original Ghostbusters clips

Wasn’t about to not NOT put the 1st bit (here in January 2020) (because peeps so like bringing forth later anyway) and not mentioned FOR me but please skip ahead maybe 20 seconds. Anyway Hull has Grimsby nearby, the Peck…

Original Ghostbusters clips



Wasn’t about to not NOT put the 1st bit (here in January 2020) (because peeps so like bringing forth later anyway) and not mentioned FOR me but please skip ahead maybe 20 seconds. Anyway Hull has Grimsby nearby, the Peck name of character and a recent showing of The Million Dollar Note on UK tv(and my thinking was also an Alec Guinness version(which it wasn’t)) made me start taking notice reference the numbers and jfi there was a Bill Murray with Melissa Mccarthy movie earlier and what with scoobied 3d glasses I looked for what I have very little choice in to watch to see a good upscaled film so started watching this. Note my bullying Dad’s called Roger, just about(think it was/is the only, certainly that I recall) the only movie I have seen at the Cinema with my mother(just asell as was supposedly deceased though rising and falling chest brother, seen with him whilst still alive obviously) was Ghostbusters in 1984. Hull is the only city in Britain with its own telephone service, ie the only city in Britain which doesn’t use BT. BRITAIN has a puppet government as I type this and a scared/ineffectual/bought/more puppets system from all 4 regions because of it, and was subject to a sham election in December, called by the New York born Boris Johnson. This movie was from 1984. I have personally been harassed for over 20 years, have brought by only repeating knowledge of irregularities to the world but putting them together such as why the US Air Force Bases abroad in other countries, why all the Aircraft Carriers(its got more than the world put together and Aircraft Carriers are large fleet movers something which other navies would find difficult to do) , why feeling it can interfere against other nations when other nations don’t seem to do it(titt for tatt involving them doesn’t count in that comment as it involves them and it doesn’t take an idiot to see why not as regards titt for tatt!) why the stacked unfair business practices and one country hogging and greed as regards business, most of them obvious and American on and in the World. Why the UN based in NY not acting on what the world public can see is a sham election and also why they are now pulling up a clear non thing which was disregarded in the 1950/60/70s and was obviously so but now voting their being an infraction ref an island 2000km away from somewhere else with no link other than a 20th century American caused one and having been likewise British as this other one is now.. And for information the numbers 53-22, also WHEN GOOGLED GRR brings up Isaiah 53 King James Version (KJV)

53 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?


2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him…. ETC ETC

This being the 3rd or 4th down in the googling but only when you open it you see it has for that link Isaiah 53 with Psalm 22 beneath it so I’d say it’s Google specific(Google heads/founders) and well Ghostbusters, that will be Ivan Reitman then.. I’d say watch the movie(the 1984 one) and you pick out things, there’s a judgement day comment in a car and BM says a well stay puft man is a sailor interesting comment crouched behind a radiator or something..

The BRITISH GOVERNMENT is currently dishonest and a puppet government and not acting in the interests of its people. A sham election took place in December. The world looks similarly mooted. Britain has in place police staczi powers and a fake complaint addressing system. The USA Government (not solely the President) and establishment behind the Government including big business support are the ones doing this attempting to ruin Britain (doing a good job) and subjugate its people. Note the American people are aware but when their own government deems itself in no government state but retains that government and sidesteps by fake accusing their president(impeaching) instead of their whole system(yet a month later he can still sanction killing of the 2nd most important Iranian military man), there’s not a lot the American Public can do. I feel the only answer is getting towards what they in this movie were part scared of. I would say the world has known for 3 years whose responsible for the dishonest, nasty state of the world and they haven’t owned up, now its 2020 and I say if they won’t own up they are not going to stop oppressing, because owning up would force them to stop it’s not assassination of one level required, it’s something a lot more severe required and currently I would say not on the American People who can see it but can’t do anything… If the nasties reply with equal though they would be making a big mistake.. either replying at either assassination level or the worse done to them(their gross refusal to ownup and stop and gross infractions on human rights causing it in th

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